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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits  Product Sheet
Troubleshooting Control Circuits  Product Sheet
Troubleshooting Motor Circuits  Product Sheet
Troubleshooting Industrial Controls  Product Sheet
Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 2  Product Sheet
Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1  Product Sheet
Simutech Course Manager  Product Sheet

Troubleshooting Resource Downloads (PDF)

Simutech's Systematic Troubleshooting Approach Flow Chart
This flowchart shows the complete systematic troubleshooting process which is used in all of Simutech Multimedia's Troubleshooting Skills programs. It describes this process in a nutshell and also clarifies the relationship of each step. A detailed description of this process can be found in Troubleshooting - Basic Techniques.

Troubleshooting Skills Series V4 Demos

Find out what you will learn with the Troubleshooting Skills Series V4 software and try some real hands-on troubleshooting with our free program demos!

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Electrical Circuits

Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits V4 Demo Download (41 MB)

Control Circuits

Troubleshooting Control Circuits V4 Demo Download (43 MB)

Motor Circuits

Troubleshooting Motor Circuits V4 Demo Download (45 MB)


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Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1

See the new Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1 program in action with video screen captures of the PLC circuit simulations.

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Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1 Trailer

Check out the features and benefits the new Troubleshooting PLC Circuits will provide you.

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About the Simutech Course Manager

What is the Simutech Course Manager? Find out how this learning management solution can help you get the most out of the Troubleshooting Skills Training System.

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Troubleshooting Skills Training System Overview

See how the Troubleshooting Skills Training System can make you a better troubleshooter.

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Troubleshooting Industrial Controls Overview

Find out how this Advanced Troubleshooting Simulator can help you develop the skills you need to troubleshoot Industrial Control Systems.

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Troubleshooting Industrial Controls
Sample Fault

Watch a sample fault being solved in the lifelike industrial control system simulation of the FPS 3000 Simulator.

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Troubleshooting Skills Series
Troubleshooting Industrial Controls
Additional Resources
For additional troubleshooting information and resources visit Troubleshooting Skills.
Customer Feedback
Your products have certainly played a part in our success. I have had many graduates stop by and talk about how their learned troubleshooting skills have helped them get hired or get promoted.
Right now, no one produces electrical training/educational products that come close to having the bang for the buck that you guys do...and this program [FPS 3000] is hands down the best electrical training product I've ever seen.
Programs like yours definitely help sharpen my skills in a discipline that I feel is as much art as it is science. I thank you for the obvious effort you've put into these programs.