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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits (TEC)


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Simutech’s Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits

Diagnosing malfunctions in electrical circuits make a great starting point. This program introduces Simutech’s Systematic Troubleshooting Approach. Through the use of several simulations learn to diagnose fuses, push buttons, switches, relays, and lights.

Simutech’s Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits features:


Lab Exercises PLUS 4 Practice Exercises


Guided Faults


Practice Faults


Skill Testing Faults


Bonus Faults


Genius Faults

System Requirements

The following are the base requirements to run Simutech’s Troubleshooting Skills Training System:

Windows Vista/7/8.1/10

Video Resolution of 1024 X 768 or greater

Sound Card


Simutech’s Troubleshooting Skills Training System

Simutech’s Electrical 

Troubleshooting Benefits

  • Portability: users can learn to troubleshoot in class, on the road and at home,
  • Safety: learn safe work practices and the steps to follow when troubleshooting,
  • Variety: troubleshoot a range of problems including opens, shorts, overloads, single-phasing and more.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Trainer Simulator

  • Six complete courses with realistic simulations ranging from basic electrical circuits to systems with PLC controls,
  • Numerous realistic simulations and more than 200 fault-finding challenges,
  • Realistic tools for safe testing, measurement and continual practice.

Electrical Troubleshooting


  • Learn Simutech’s 5-step systematic approach to troubleshooting, then diagnose by:
    • Taking voltage, resistance and current readings with a multimeter,
    • Inspecting, repairing and replacing electrical and mechanical components,
    • Disconnecting and ringing out wires, and tracing and replacing wires.

Electrical troubleshooting skills are beneficial to anyone who has them

Electrical Troubleshooting Training Simulations for Education for Individuals

For Students, Apprentice and Tradespersons

  • Get the skills that employers are looking for
  • Improve job prospects
  • Advance in your current position
  • Increase self-confidence in troubleshooting abilities

Electrical Troubleshooting Training Simulations for Business

For Corporate Training Programs

  • Improved operating statistics
  • Increased productivity and profit
  • Reduced risk of accidents and injuries
  • Reduced “down time” in the event of electrical malfunctions

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