Troubleshooting Skills Training Courses -
Learn how to troubleshoot electrical problems and reduce equipment downtime using realistic electrical training simulations. For beginners and experts.
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Troubleshooting Skills Training System provides the electrical troubleshooting skills that industry demands


Simutech’s Troubleshooting Skills Training System offers a 5-step systematic approach to electrical troubleshooting for anyone wanting to enhance their troubleshooting skills. From apprentices to experienced veterans,this simulation-based training system provides the know-how, the practice and the feedback necessary to develop tactical and effective problem-solving skills.

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Hands-on Troubleshooting

  • Six complete courses with realistic simulations ranging from basic electrical circuits to systems with PLC controls.


  • Numerous realistic simulations and more than 200 fault-finding challenges.


  • Realistic tools for safe testing, measurement and continual practice.

End-user Benefits

  • Portability: apprentices can learn to troubleshoot in class, on the road and at home


  • Safety: learn safe work practices and the steps to follow when troubleshooting


  • Variety: troubleshoot a range of problems including opens, shorts, overloads, single-phasing and more

Instructor Advantages

  • Tracking: follow class progress to identify areas in need of improvement


  • Preparation: safely train and challenge apprentices in a virtual enviroment before tackling live equipment


  • Variety: troubleshoot a range of problems including opens, shorts, overloads, single-phasing and more

Gain Electrical Troubleshooting Training Skills with Simutech’s Core Skills Series

Get Troubleshooting Skills with Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits

Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits

Receive hands-on training on several electrical circuit simulations, covering key troubleshooting techniques, and prepare to diagnose a variety of problems on the main lighting circuit simulation. These simulations contain common components including fuses, pushbuttons, switches, relays, and lights.

Troubleshooting Control Circuits

With two unique control circuit simulations, including an electric door lock simulation, students will encounter a range of malfunctions found in typical control circuits containing components including relays, transformers, switches, and solenoids.

Get Troubleshooting Skills with Troubleshooting Control Circuits
Get Troubleshooting Skills with Troubleshooting Motor Circuits

Troubleshooting Motor Circuits

The multiple motor lab simulations and the industrial garage door simulation included in this module contain components such as three-phase motors, transformers, contactors, overloads, fuses, and limit switches. Apprentices will troubleshoot three-phase power circuits and the control portion of these motor circuits.

Gain Electrical Troubleshooting Training Skills with Simutech’s Advanced Skills Series

Get Troubleshooting Skills with Troubleshooting PLC Circuits

Troubleshooting PLC Circuits

This program includes several circuit simulations containing generic PLCs with digital inputs and outputs providing the basic functioning of PLCs and their circuits. Over a dozen ladder programs provide a wide variety of circuit functionality to troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting Industrial Controls

Troubleshoot complex malfunctions on this realistic simulation of an industrial process for mixing and processing fluids. The system uses 480 volts AC three-phase and contains a variety of industrial components such as pumps, agitators, heaters, temperature and float switches, relays, and timers.

Get Troubleshooting Skills with Troubleshooting Industrial Controls
Get Troubleshooting Skills with Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 2

Troubleshooting Industrial  Controls 2

The PLC in this simulation has 20 PLC programs available providing a variety of different processes. Apprentices will disconnect wires, take meter readings, and connect a virtual laptop to compare readings and settings against schematics. Examining pumps, motors, transformers, overloads and contactors apprentices will build skills while troubleshooting this complex industrial control system.

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