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Simutech Multimedia Inc. is the developer of the most comprehensive Troubleshooting Skills Training System. Founded in 1995, we provide troubleshooting training services to a wide variety of industries, training centers, schools and trades professionals.

Early work for Public Utilities and schools revealed a need for electrical troubleshooting grounded on a formal methodology for problem solving. Responding to industry`s calls for troubleshooting skills, six troubleshooting training software programs were developed. Soon, trades professionals realized that the training and the certificate of completion could make them stand out from the crowd, proving they had acquired the necessary knowledge to master the tools and hardware of the trade.

Text book troubleshooting training just didn`t provide the hands-on experience to help in the move to the shop floor. Teaching troubleshooting on a downed production line could help with teaching but meant pressures from extending the costly downtime. And teaching on a running production line could be dangerous and time consuming. Hardware simulation labs were seen as costly and provided limited access for students and apprentices because of the time needed to replace broken parts and create new faults.

An alternative approach to help teach this critical skill was needed, something more accessible, that was fast and easy. Instructors wanted more problem-solving experiences for their students and a safe environment for students to make mistakes.

Simutech leverages the same technologies used in the video game world to create a learning experience by applying a systematic approach to the simulations that teach and test for safety, accuracy and efficiency when troubleshooting.

For more than 19 years, Simutech Multimedia Inc. has developed and refined, a series of media-rich, interactive training products that progress from troubleshooting electrical, control and motor circuits before advancing to PLCs and Industrial Controls.

With applications in a wide variety of industries including the energy, manufacturing and food and beverage sectors, Simutech`s products can be found in 57 countries and more than 150 schools.

As the Troubleshooting Guys, we teach and reinforce troubleshooting skills to help make sure that the right person has the right skills when needed.

Our Achievements

Our continual efforts to produce only the best training software have earned international acclaim with several industry and training awards, both for our own product line as well as custom work done for other organizations. These honors include awards from the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD), Plant Engineering Magazine, and EC&M Magazine.

2009 Product of the Year Finalist

Simutech's most recent award was from EC&M Magazine. The Troubleshooting Skills Series V4 earned the Gold Award as the 1st Runner Up in the 2010 Product of the Year Awards.
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Right now, no one produces electrical training/educational products that come close to having the bang for the buck that you guys do...hands down the best electrical training product I've ever seen.